An Evening to Cherish


So I came to the end of my working day about an hour ago. I went downstairs and made a cup of Early Grey tea with honey. I switched on the small, ketchup coated television in my kitchen and watched an episode of the Simpsons. Then I washed the dishes and thought to myself how bored I was. And then it hit me. I remembered that I had a new online diary / blog! Ta-da! So, I’m going to settle in with yet another cup of flaming hot tea (Assam this time though) and publish my thoughts on the internet.

So, I want to give you some background as to why I’m so passionate about animals. I’ve always been an animal lover, as far back as from day one. I’m a vegetarian (surprise, surprise) and I’ve always had a cat or dog as a pet. At one point, I had a cat and a dog (and the answer is yes, they got on just fine thanks!). I feel sad that humans around the world don’t seem to appreciate that animals are sentient beings just like us, many of whom are at our mercy, be it in a domestic capacity such as a pet gerbil or even if it’s wildlife at large (deforestation and displacement of animals from their natural habitats). They sincerely need our help and attention to live good, decent lives.

I’m frequently appalled by the way a lot of humans in Western society treat their own pets (be it cat, dog, fish, hamster…) where we are apparently a lot more civilised and ought to know a lot better. I had a neighbour back in 2007 when I lived in Kings Cross who had a Pit Bull terrier. She had the flat below mine and most nights, I’d see the poor creature shaking and shivering even in the depths of Winter, out on the balcony facing the open canal – and trust me, it’s a lot colder round that area of London that in most other places. I also once caught her slap him on the head for what I personally deemed to be no reason whatsoever as I came down the stairs and she was waiting for the lift and evidently did not hear me approaching. I was so shocked but sort of expected it from her as she seemed a little unhinged. I often heard her and her boyfriend / husband (don’t know which one he was) arguing about the smallest things through the thin floor that divided us and I basically think that she was very unhappy and taking it out on the dog when he could have been a source of comfort instead.

I don’t wish to be judgemental and knock her for being unhappy and having relationship issues as that would be very unfair, however, I really don’t believe that it was right to take out her unhappiness on her lovely pet who was at her mercy for food, water, shelter and care. I thought so many times about reporting her but I was so worried that she might lie and say the dog bit her and they’s subsequently put it down. So I never did. Maybe I didn’t do the right thing, maybe I did. But from now on, I will always take appropriate action and regularly donate to charities that help animals. I’m not wealthy, in fact, I’m in a lot of debt right now, but that doesn’t matter. I will still donate all that I can from time to time.

The logo I designed today (for a web design company) was accepted by the client within literally just 10 mins of emailing so I am super super super happy about that! They seemed incredibly unsure to begin with about a month back so it came as a very pleasant surprise indeed and I actually logged off my mac at 4.30pm! Anyone who knows me will know that this makes a change as I’m usually designing away until quite late, even on a Saturday night now and again!

The logo I designed last week and took an entire week for completion was for this website:

I can see that they are currently using it. It’s by far the plainest logo I have ever designed, albeit with some funky font that I have never seen before and pale green colour I have never used before, but it came as a relief that they finally accepted one of the designs (the plainest) after I submitted 9 other designs that were a hell of a lot more interesting and elaborate. People will be people, I say. When the web design company has their site up, I’ll post that link or an image of the design up too. Rate it if you’re reading, comment, critique it, and so on. Thank you for reading or just stopping by. I appreciate it. It gets lonely sometimes working from home! :-)



So it’s about three mins to nine (at the time I started writing this) and I’m back at my desk – at home of course. Let the logo design commence!

BUT BEFORE THAT. I wanted to talk to you (my dear diary), about a relatively new idea regarding the welfare of animals. My friend’s birthday is coming up and she is a truly kind person. I asked her last year what she wanted for her birthday and she told me she wanted a small donation to The Salvation Army. How sweet is that? Well, this year, I think I’m going to give her and our fellow animals buddies a gift. There’s a program (Send a Cow, it’s called) where you can choose a gift that will educate some lovely Ethiopians in order to help them look after their animals a little better.

You can choose the package for a donkey or a cow and also buy them chickens and so on. I think it’s a smashing and original, truly giving idea and if anyone’s reading this and agrees / disagrees, let me know! :-)


Eye (I) care for you. I really do.


So over the past couple of years I became sick to the back teeth of all the i this and i that … iphone, ipod, imac, idishwashers, idoodlecakes etc.

I talk about – or rant on for a good while about this in my previous post – I thought it was high time I employed some creativity and actually use the word ‘eye’ in place of the letter i as it’s just become meaningless it has been so overused.

So here it is – eye care 4 u. I really and truly do. But not YOU, per se. You see, I actually care (BIGTIME) for our planet’s animals. I’ll be posting about ways to help them, mainly. Also, if you;d like to learn a tad more about me, have a look at my previous post in the link above.

Greetings from the desk of a 6′ hypochondriac


Bonjoir, hello, ciao and so on.

And so it begins. Welcome to my highly personal blog where I will write principally about myself and my care for animals. Initially, when I thought about a name for this website, I was completely set on icareforyou but it was taken. I then pondered on icare4u – now aside from it just looking really odd as a domain, I really am sick of i this and i that. Today, you can’t leave your own home without being hit in the face with some igadget and EVEN online, it’s all still and and all the rest of it. No, I thought. I’m going to be different and use the word eye. When you say it, you can’t tell the difference and this I find refreshing. People will think it’s all about the i, but it’s actually not at all.

Ok, so a little about me as a person. I’m a graphic designer by trade. I graduated from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design (aka University of the Arts, London) a couple of years ago with a BA in Graphic Design. I make logos for a living. When I properly establish myself and see that this blog is gaining some traction (lots of visits, ie), I’ll go ahead and make a portfolio of all my work online and post the link here. Personal life wise, I have seven (YES, it’s true – SEVEN) siblings and I am Irish by blood but my family moved to London before I was born so I don’t have an accent or knowledge of the whereabouts of random pots of gold at the end of rainbows and so on.

I like cats, I eat too much icecream, I have a really great clan (hahahahaha) of mates and we drink too much when we go out (which is far too often these days – and nights). I am female, I’ll have you know, 26 and a little under 6′. I am also a DEDICATED hypochondriac. I have no idea why, it just panned out that way. Perhaps one day I’ll have the time to look into it, perhaps not. I speak fluent French (Dad is half Parisian and I also studied it to a large degree in school at GCSE and A-Level) and I play the piano. I really dislike clients who want more revisions of work that we initially agreed to and even more so, I really HATE clients who are super late to pay OR don’t pay at all (they are clearly doodles).

I think that this theme is the very best theme that I have ever come across. It’s really and truly wacky as F and I love it! I shook up the colours a little and added some magenta and bright yellow here and there with plenty of weirdy widgets to play with. I might leave them all, I might shake some up, I might not, we’ll see. I had no idea that Word Press had such amazing themes! Let’s just say that when I had my last blog as a kid waaaay back in 2004, hmm… the themes were not quite as fabbotasticakes!

I’m not ready to put an actual email on here as yet so please just go ahead and leave a comment if you find this blog and want to get in touch about work / anything else that is relevant. I’ll get it, no worries. Thanks a bunch for reading and I hope you enjoy my ramblings about this, that, the other and of course, a fair amount of bitching. The aim is to discuss care in the community and at large for animals of all kinds and so such posts will indeed surface now and again. xx