Black Sclera contact lenses and pitch black mirrored contact lenses

Black sclera contact lenses or pitch black contact lens are loved by those into special effect and colored contact lenses and with good reason.

Black sclera contact lenses are without doubt one of the scariest types of contacts available (other scary contact lenses). These special effect contact lenses cover the whites of the eyes. The white of the eve is known as the sclera. Hence the black sclera part of the name.

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This of course means that your full eye is covered in black, pitch black. There are of course other colors available that do the same thing but I dont think any of them are as scary as black sclera contact lenses.

Special Effect Black Contact Lenses

These full eye contacts like most special effects contacts owe their origins to the movie industry. They are usually custom made which makes them expensive but then sometimes you just have to pay for quality.

Sclera contact lenses such as these do not offer any corrective abilities. Some makers of these lenses estimate that you can get these as daily wear contacts that can be used for up to 12 months after opening. Other sources state that with occasional use your wacky contact lenses such as these, if not worn for prolonged periods of time, will last up to two years.

These lenses are expensive but the plus side with some manufacturers is that you can buy one lens at a time. It is expensive but if for some reason you only need one of these special effect contact lenses then this is a good option.

No matter where you shop for your contacts always check out exchange and refund policies as well as delivery times, charges etc.

Pitch Black Mirrored Contact Lenses

There are some reports of discomfort from some users of scleral contact lenses. This would appear to be because these type of mirrored eye contact lenses are a little on the large side and some users have worn them for extended periods straight from purchase. It is always a good idea to start wearing contacts for short periods of time initially until you get used to them. The same guidelines regarding the use and care of contact lenses still apply. Always take care of and use your lenses as directed.

If you are looking for an out of this world look and a reaction to match then pitch black sclera contact lenses are the way to go.

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