Chronicles of Riddick Contact Lenses : infos about mirrored and riddick contacts

Chronicles of Riddick contact lenses are special effect contact lenses as used in the Riddick films,colored contacts and theatrical contact lenses like these are now for the public

Riddick contacts are all the rage. If you are looking for more than wacky contact lenses then theses seriously scary contacts might be what you are looking for. Chronicles of Riddick contacts achieved their fame from the film of the same name, starring Vin Diesel.

chronicles of riddick contact lenses

Riddick Contact Lenses

These scary lenses are suitable for both people who need contacts and those that want to wear special effect contacts.

These are theatrical contacts at their best, true Hollywood style. These are in effect mirrored eye contact lenses. Using a mirror effect to protect the eye is nothing new. Mirrored sunglasses have been available for years.

Since they reflect bright light and protect the eyes from the damaging rays of the sun, people who are light sensitive as well as sports people have been using them for years. Imagine how much use glare mirrored sunglasses are to skiers and you will get the idea.

Mirrored Contact Lenses

It is probably inevitable that mirrored contact lenses would be the natural progression. But who thought that it would be through their use as special effects that they would achieve global fame. The makers of theatrical lenses in Hollywood took them to a whole different level.

Silver mirrored eye contact lenses work by covering your own eyes natural colors with silver. To say that these are scary is an understatement. They are also available in pitch black mirrored contact lenses. The biggest problem with these scary contact lenses in the problem of finding them. Theatrical contacts like this are difficult to find.

A very good alternative to these special effect type or mirrored eye contact lenses are wild vampire contact lenses. They are quite similar, easy to get and a lot cheaper. Vampire Contact Lenses If it is scary lenses you are after these certainly are the business. If the Chronicles of Riddick contact lenses are not available you should consider vampire contacts.

Halloween Contact Lenses

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