Mirrored contact lenses : very scary black and mirrored lenses

Mirrored contact lenses,mirror tinted contact lenses, are probably the most scary special effect contact lenses and because of this mirror contact lenses are the most fun contact lenses to wear

Mirror contact lenses are amongst the most popular of the ever growing trend of wearing cosmetic contact lenses. The film industry introduced the concept of changing your eye color using cosmetic contact lenses. As they have become readily available, wearing cosmetic contacts has become quite popular, especially amongst party goers and the younger generation.

mirrored contact lenses

Scary contact lenses

For many years people have been looking for new ways to change their look and everyone loves a makeover. These special effect contact lenses will give you a steely look and certainly attract a lot of attention; if that is what you are chasing.

These mirrored contact lenses are very similar to corrective contact lenses in their shape, fitting and the materials they are made out of; however it is important to note that these very scary contact lenses will not improve your vision.

If you intend on wearing your mirror tinted contact lenses regularly be prepared to shock many people. It might also prove to be quite distracting for the person who is trying to communicate with you as they will naturally be looking into your eyes and unnaturally find themselves looking back at their reflection.

Mirror contact lenses will generally suit someone who wants to stand out from the crowd. Many groups these days are looking for something that will set them apart and changing their appearance becomes quite a big deal in this transformation. These theatrical contact lenses are also great for wearing to Halloween parties and will go with almost any costume.

Your vision should not be impaired by wearing these mirrored contact lenses. Mirrored contact lenses work in a similar way to your sunglasses; you can see out, but others cannot see in. In fact, some have said that wearing these mirrored contact lenses to the beach will reflect the sun rays and protect your eyes; however you would want to confirm this with the manufacturer before doing away with your sunglasses. Either way, these mirrored contacts would have a great effect at the beach with the reflection of the sand, the blue sky and the surf in your eyes.

Mirrored Eye Contacts : Skiers and racing drivers have been using them for a long time to reflect the glare off shiny surfaces. people with extra sensitivity to bright light also found these to be highly effective. Of course the added benefit of this is that the harmful Ultra-Violet rays of the sun are also being reflected away from the eyes.

Probably the best known version of these are the Riddick contact lenses. These made a huge impact when worn by the actor Vin Diesel in the film Chronicles of Riddick.

Mirror tinted contacts certainly are a good choice if you are determined to make a real impact. Of course if you have long been a fan of these lenses as in those used in the eyeglass or sunglasses then these crazy contacts are a real alternative.

Black sclera contact lenses : Within this group you will also see them referred to as Mirrored Eye Contacts, and Black sclera contact lenses are also under this grouping.

Pitch black mirrored contact lenses : Pitch Black gave rise to the term Riddick contact lenses. Riddick was the name of the main character played by Vin Diesel.

Not all mirrored lenses offer protection from ultra violet light. Those, contacts that do not are what are known as pure special effect contact lenses. They do not offer UVA or UVB protection.

When looking for mirror contact lenses look for lenses that offer both UVA and UVB protection. This way you get the best of both worlds, both protective and scary, wacky contacts contact lenses

As is always the case with contact lenses the proper use and care of your lenses is vital, it is no different with these type of special effect contact lenses.

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