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riddick contact lenses as seen in the film Chronicles of Riddick are an excellent choice if you want pure freaky and scary contact lenses

Riddick contacts owe their popularity to a film called The Chronicles of Riddick. So stunning were these lenses as worn by the star of the film, Vin Diesel, That huge demand was created for them, that demand for these lenses is still as high today as it was then.

Scary contact lenses like these, which are really special fx contact lenses are not cheap. They were originally designed for use in films and that mirrored contact lenses look comes at a price.

These special effect contact lenses are certainly very effective if you are looking for impact. The silver mirrored look is certainly scary, particularly so if you happen to be wearing sunglasses when talking to someone and then just shove up your glasses to reveal these mirrored contact lenses.

Mirrored contact lenses like Riddick are generally available in either silver or black and are of non prescription strength. The fact that special fx contact lenses are mirrored is not just by pure luck. Mirrored contact lenses have a reflective surface and have been used by skiers and cyclists for many years in order to reflect the glare of shiny surfaces.

Of course by doing this they are reflecting away from the eyes the potentially damaging Ultra violet rays of the sun. This however is just ad added bonus of wearing these scary contact lenses. These lenses are for pure fun and impact.

Unfortunately mirrored contact lenses such as these special effects contact lenses are not easily sourced. If you are determined to get some Riddick lenses or similar crazy, wacky, mirrored lenses you certainly have

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