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Riddick contacts, made famous by the film Chronicles of Riddick, are mirrored contact lenses that are scary and fun at the same time,these costume contacts are very popular.

Riddick contact lenses from the movie The Chronicles of Riddick are very popular movie among science fiction lovers. As is the tradition with most science fiction fans who attend conventions, dressing up as your favorite characters from your favorite movies is popular and accepted at those types of events. Now, thanks to the magic of colored contact lenses, you can add an extra touch of realism to your costume by making your eyes look like the characters you love. To help you out, there is now a line of Riddick contact lenses out that you can wear if you want to look like a character from this series.

Colored Contacts

Colored contact lenses can be made to look like just about anything. This is because they have a colored dye that is injected into them that only covers the iris of the eye, or, in the case of sci-fi lenses, the dye covers any part of the eye that is supposed to look unusual or alien. Colored lenses can be prescription or non-prescription. Either way, they are great fun, even if yo're just wearing them to temporarily experiment with a different eye color. However, the Riddick lenses take this a step further. They have a mirrored appearance so that your eyes actually look shiny.

This mirrored quality makes the Riddick lenses slightly different than other types of colored lenses. With most other colored lenses, your vision doesn't change because of the color (it will only change to be sharper if you are wearing prescription lenses). The mirroring of the Riddick contact lenses means that you will see things slightly brighter than they actually are in real life. This is called polarization and can take a little bit of getting used to, but once you do, you'll hardly notice the effect.

Actually, the mirrored effect of these contact lenses makes them act kind of like contact sunglasses. You will actually be able to go out in bright sunlight without squinting because the mirroring will protect your eyes. This makes them good choices for sunny days if you are going somewhere fun, like a theme park. These lenses are all about fun, so don't be shy to wear them wherever it might be appropriate to do so.

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